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  • The BEST and WORST Types of Real Estate to Flip...And Why!
  • How to Create a 36-Month Success Plan Where You Can Start with NOTHING and Becoming a Highly Profitable Property Flipper to the Point of Finally Being Able to Quit Your Day Job
  • How to Raise Capital Like a Pro from Private Lenders and Investors Without Having to Cold-Call or Deal with Application Rejection
  • Why Bird-Dogging (or Becoming a Property Scout) is an EXCELLENT WAY to Make Huge Profits While Getting Your Feet Wet in Real Estate
  • The Best Simple Step-by-Step Secrets to Getting Started RIGHT AWAY Without Any Delay by Creating Your Own Bulletproof Action Plan
  • How to Avoid Common Beginner Pitfalls By Learning From Other Flipper's Mistakes
  • The Best Way to Structure Your Real Estate Deals to Protect Legally Yourself and Your Future Assets Against Frivolous Lawsuits
  • Why Most People Don't Get Started and How to Quickly and Easily Overcome Your "Fear Barriers" to Success
  • How You Can Get Started Right Away and Even Have Your First Property Under Contract in 14 Days or Less!
  • How to Set Up Your Real Estate Business Correctly from the Start...And If You Don't, You Won't Make It in This Business!
  • Why Flipping Certain Kinds of Property is the WORST Real Estate Investing Strategy Out There...and What You SHOULD Flip for the Highest Possible Profits
  • Why Purchasing Single Family Residences (SFRs) Can Make You Lose Your Ass in Real Estate UNLESS You Implement This ONE SINGLE RULE
  • How to Select Where to Invest Within 5 Minutes Worth of Simple Online Research
  • And Much, Much MORE!
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